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:CP: Tikonka by BlueBlitzie

Now, what can I say? There is really nothing wrong with this vector, no outstanding mistakes, no questionable proportions. In fact, she...

Hi all! Topsy here. 

This journal is not as personal as my Sept '13 one, but is very much personal regardless. If you're not into that kinda of stuff, then please feel free to continue with your day. Otherwise, stick around. This journal is broken down into sub-headings (in no specific order) for ease of reading and viewing pleasure(?).


Okay so, my recently-acquired PM is something I've been meaning to squeal and brag about in a journal, but thankfully I manged to resist spamming my watchers with a 1000 plz-icon post about how super-stoked I am for being gifted a PM. It's already been a month anyway, so my PM ends tomorrow. Regardless, I gotta publicly thank PMDU-Pippy for gifting me! Seriously, a 30-day PM for absolutely no reason? Absolutely fantastic of her. It was awesome when people started watching me just 'cause I had a star next to my name. Anyways, you can catch Pippy's MLP account over here, and her main tumblog over here. Enjoy!

The Name Game!

This is the second time someone's gifted me a PM, and this time I'll actually make use of it by changing my deviantART username. I've had the name (as of 27/10/13) for 3 years and I want to be rid of it . . . I mean seriously, "Hellbreaker2012"? >.> Really, 12-year-old me? Is that the best you could come up with?

Anyways, I'm was planning to change it into something less 'fukking ghey'. I've considered dumb stuff like Topsy Kay, Topsy-N-Turvy and Topsy Kretts, but none of them were that original really, esp. the last one. I've considered other catchy stuff like Topsy-22, Topsy-Artsy, Topsy-NU (first letter of my first and last name), but none of them really 'spoke' to me. I've thought about other weird stuff like Topsy-Infinity, Topsy-Odyssey, Topsy-Obviously, etc., but they were meaningless. I would love it if I could be referred to simply as Topsy, but that won't work. This lead me to conclude that every name I come up with is as equally dumb as the last. So yeah, I made a list, and promised myself to take the first semi-randomly chosen name.

I am no longer that 12-year-old dickhead called HellBreaker2012. I am Topsy-N :dummy:


That's right dudes, I was in Kuala Lumpur earlier in October, and got myself a Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet! This is seriously a huge thing for me, my wallet's been emptied just for it. I've always wanted to have perfect yet natural hand-drawn look to my work, and a tablet will let me do just that, and more!  

I'd consider my swanky-new input-device a belated gift to myself (I'm totally not forever alone), for my 15th birthday. Yay!

Wizard of Oz Art Competition

It's been a full one-and-a-half months since my Sept '13 journal, and I haven't uploaded ANYTHING. Not a single deviation. This is because: 1) I'm having too much fun with a tablet, 2) I have art that I owe to people, and most importantly 3) There's a local art competition here, and I reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaly want to win whatever prize they're offering. Last year's one was so cool, I just need to have it. This year is the only year left where I'm not busy as fuck. Next year I'll be busy revising for exams . . .

So yeah, getting ideas for a final piece is eating my time. Entries are due Nov 1st, and I haven't even started on it! :dummy: I'm really hoping my experience in the digital medium will give me an upper hand (assuming the judges don't have a thing against digital art >.>). 

Commissions . . .

Over the year, I've had a few people ask me to do a commission for them. Some were local, some were online. Naturally, I've had to decline online commissions since there was no way for the money to get to me. So, while I was on holiday in Kuala Lumpur, I asked one of my sisters what it would take to get a PayPal account, and to my disappointment, I actually needed a full-fledged bank account (wow I'm an idiot). This was rather unfortunate, there was now way I could get a bank account in the near future. But, to my delight, my sister said I could use hers if I'm taking commissions :O

Whoa whoa whoa! I can actually have virtual money now? and I can earn it!? AND BUY STUFF WITH IT!? Absolutely radical.

So yeah, I might be opening commissions early in December (and this time I mean it), 'cause right now I'm as broke as hell!

On the Tumblr bandwagon

Yep! I've succumbed to the temptations of a Tumblr account . . . My final grades, I can already feel them dropping . . . Anyways, here's where I'm at: There's nothing there as of right now, but that'll change sometime next weekend.

Topsy out~
  • Listening to: The Universe
  • Reading: The Matrix
  • Watching: Society crumble
  • Playing: God
  • Eating: Entire worlds
  • Drinking: Your souls


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:bulletred: Interface Designer for Mock Equestrian Wars…

Topsy. You may know me by some other obscure username, or my real name. But here, call me Topsy. Please and thank you!

At the moment, I am student of nothing in particular. I'm doing my IGCSEs and will take the examinations sometime in 2015. I've chosen to do a bunch of subjects that was probably a dumb idea to take.

Here, you'll find me doing vector artwork, with occasional polishing in photo-editing software. You may also find me doing traditional work, mostly with pencils, but I do like to explore new techniques.

Why do you even bother with my page?

I am Indonesian animated by aphaits .01 I'll make you proud by clumsyrebel Stamp: How I Roll by animephoenix Fandom Respect stamp by Chrysalislover

Random Stamps : Magic Conch by Kevfin Ninja transformation stamp by SupremeSonrio Sun Stamp by Kezzi-Rose The Truth About Unicorns STAMP by pai-thagoras lol wtf red ranger by SammieSparxx I Heart Tea Stamp by croaky

Inkscape rocks by danix3000 Scanner User by ScittyKitty

Feel free to contact me through any of the following methods.
:bulletred: dA Notes.
:bulletred: my Email (
:bulletred: or my Skype (topsykretts42)

If you attempt contact through email or Skype, please state who you are on deviantART. If you know me IRL, ask me what my actual Skype and email are.

Good day~

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