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:CP: Tikonka by blueblitzie

Now, what can I say?

There is really nothing wrong with this vector, no outstanding mistakes, no questionable proportions. In fact, she is rather cute and well done. Her wings are extended, and the way her head and neck are angled gives some insight to her current emotions. You've drawn her in your own, unique MLP style.

But aside from that, what can I say? An artist should put themselves in the shoes of the viewer, and ponder this question.

This vector isn't all too interesting. There is little shading, no highlights. The direction of her eyes has been used, time and time again. There isn't much to ascertain from her expression. The pose is mundane. The angle, well, it has also been used time and time again. Background? Non-existent.

How can you improve this? Well (disregarding the initial description of the prize), first off, the subject will still be the same: This OC.

:bulletblue: But you could muck about with the angle, maybe tilt it, make it playful. If full-body isn't necessary, you can omit her legs to focus on her face, especially if her expression is important to this deviation.
:bulletblue: You can have fun with her pose: flying, hovering, or taking-off. But if energetic movement isn't who she is, give her an item to interact with: a book, a cupcake, even saddlebags.
:bulletblue: Also, more shading or highlights can be added for depth, especially if you decide to have fun with her pose. You can also make shadows and highlights a slightly different hue from the base coat colour.
:bulletblue: Maybe some added expression: You can give her a wide smile, or even a game-face: squinting slightly with a small cocky smile. Something to give her personality.
:bulletblue: A background could be added, even an abstract one that can reflect her personality: stripes, shapes, patterns, play around with the arrangement of colour also. Hell, you can add her cutiemark into the background also.

So, yeah, I've pretty much said all I can. This is the first critique I've written on dA, so I'm hoping this doesn't get you down, but instead give me and you motivation to strive for better (which means a well-spent 2 hours writing this).
The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 10 deviants thought this was fair.


blueblitzie Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Thank you so much ; w ;

:bulletblue: I'll keep that in mind!

:bulletblue: Whenever I try for dynamic poses, I end up failing ;-; But I'll try.

:bulletblue: Well, the prize was non-shaded. So that's why I didn't add shading ^^;

:bulletblue: Good idea. I'll see if I can tweak it!~

:bulletblue: Nah, I'm no good at backgrounds. Besides, the prize didn't have background ;^;
But I see what you mean. I'll so what you said and see if it looks good; add a cutie mark background. ^-^

Thank you ; w ; I really appreciate the critique :hug:
Very well done~! <3
Topsy-N Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I sorta forgot the initial prize descriptions, ah well :I

But anyways, you're absolutely welcome :D And thank you so much for reading, considering, and accepting my critique. I thought it might'ave been a bit long and harsh, but lo and behold, you didn't take it personally at all (although I will make it shorter next time, promise).

Aside from that, we all pretty much just have to keep trying. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger :hug:
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